The Music God’s Best of 2016 Modern Rock/Punk Top 20

This is list #5, take TWO! That means there are only two lists remaining: The Hard Rock Top 30 and the Metal Top 30!

This one is the Modern Rock/Punk Top 20. This is essentially all the types of bands that you would hear on Modern Rock radio stations, only with bands that most stations wouldn’t have the balls to play. (Aside from the normal pop punk stuff here)

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The Music God’s Best of 2015: Hard Rock Top 20

So, we’ve counted them all down san this one, the Grand Daddy of them all! Five years ago, I started these lists with ONE list, a top 10 list that combined both the Hard Rock and Metal stuff. It was a debacle to say the least. I’ve streamlined the process since then and expanded it to include more lists as to give some breathing room.

At the end of the day though, this is the one that started them all. This has been a VERY busy year in the hard rock world and it took me a good week or more to put the initial list of “potentials” together. That list started with 40 or so names. I then parred that down to 20 names and 5 honorable mentions.

Let’s start with the Honorable Mentions: