The Music God’s Best of 2016 Hard Rock Top 30

So, here it is, the FINAL LIST! It’s the granddaddy of them all, The Hard Rock Top 30. I started doing this list almost 7 years ago with a Top 10 and now here we are having expanded!

This list flip flopped a bunch the last week or so, with some late editions coming in that knocked a couple of others off the list. Overall, it was an amazing year for Hard rock and it was extremely hard to choose the final list. There’s still a bunch of other artists that could have easily been here given it being just a bit weaker of a year. I almost could of easily done a Top 50 without much thought.

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BEST of 2014: Hard Rock TOP 20

It’s now time to drop the Best of 2014 lists for Metal, Hard Rock, and Modern Rock. All three lists will be added tonight.

For now though, let’s give you the Best of 2014 TOP 20 Hard Rock releases. These are the 20 CD’s that not only received critical acclaim from critics and fans, but also spent the most time on my music player and radio show. These are all records that I not only loved the most but received a high number of requests for as well.