The Music God’s Best of 2015 Metal Top 20

I’ve been counting down the BEST of 2015 for you with the last five lists. We’ve brought you, so far, the lists for Southern Rock/Blues, Americana/Country/Folk, Rock, and Modern Rock. There was also a list for Miscellaneous Awards.

So, that means there are TWO lists left: The Metal and The Hard Rock. Let me take a moment to explain the difference in case you don’t know. When I think Metal, I think Judas Priest, Slayer, Motorhead. When I think Hard Rock, I think Def Leppard, Stryper, Motley Crue.

With that out of the way, I bring you my Metal Top 20 of 2015…


The Music God’s Best of 2015 Modern Rock Top 20

Well, here we are at list #5. It’s time to count down the Top 20 Modern Rock CD’s of the year 2015. I know that most people don’t really use the term Modern Rock that much, but I do. I use it for those bands that are heavy…but not necessarily in the metal or hard rock vein.

There’s a whole host of bands that fall into the category, in my opinion. I think it’s a term that should be used much more instead of some of the other more silly and lazy terms thrown around like post-hardcore, stoner rock, math rock, etc. What the hell IS math rock, anyhow? Did The Count from Sesame Street suddenly form a rock band?

Anyhow, let’s get to it.


The Prime Eights – So You Say You Want An Evolution… REVIEW

Let’s start with a little history of who The Prime Eights are. Before The Prime Eights, John Stone and Mike King were part of a hip hop collective named Abstrakt Intellekt. AI made quite a name for themselves in the industry by both touring with and recording with some serious heavyweights in the industry. Just like life though, music is constantly evolving and that is what happened here. Enter The Prime Eights, the new look of Hip Hop mixed with funk, jazz, and razor sharp lyricism that could only come from someone growing up in the Motor City.

So, let’s get to the music and see what we have here:

1) Preambulo: A short intro/interlude that sets you up nicely for the funk that is coming next.

2) I Rock: A booming track with some nice funk guitar and bass laid over it. The song evokes a sound that is a perfect balance between old school Kid Rock and Beastie Boys.

3) Black Magic: “I want to write my name across your heart with a fat, black, magic marker…” Some very nice jazz guitar laid across another fat, booming bass track. The guys deftly trade lyrics back and forth with a style that makes you think of some old school Heavy D acrobatics.

4) Fame:  Tracks starts with some tasty Spanish style guitar over another slammin’ bass track. Once again, the guys effortlessly trade lyrics while telling you the story of what fame can do to you. A story I would guess the guys have learned the hard way.

5) Asterisk: “Half of you don’t even know the half of this…I’m exceptional, mark it with an Asterisk.” Another track where the rest of the band really shines. Huge live bass track with some funky keys and guitar.

6) Consumar: The CD closes out with a mostly instrumental track that finds the guys in quasi-“Maggot Brain” mode. This track has Eddie Hampton and Bootsy Collins written all over it. (spoiler alert: stay tuned after the music ends for a surprise track…a really awesome Detroit style take on the Beastie Boys “So What You Want”)

CONCLUSION: What you get here is a funky as hell tour-de-force of old school style lyricism laced with some new school style funk, jazz, and rock. This is a 5 piece BAND that happens to have two very special rappers leading them. They’ve taken the groundwork laid by Kid, Rock, The Beastie Boys, Heavy D, and the rest of the masters and flipped it Detroit Style. This is a great introduction for the full length CD that they guys are currently recording. It wets the appetite and makes you hungry to see what comes next. Bottom line, this is the kind of music where you crank the windows down, turn up the volume, and just CRUUIIISSSEEEEE!

SCORE: 9 out of 10

STANDOUT TRACKS: I Rock, Black Magic, Asterisk

Let’s Get Ready To Rawk!

Welcome to the new home of The Music God. This is just the beginning of HUGE things that will be coming soon.

I’m going to be reviewing music of all kinds here along with some movies, books, and other assorted media that I come across in my travels. There will be a rating system that I will explain in a later post.

For now though, just be prepared to have your soul rawked!