The Music God’s Best of 2016 The ep’s Top 10

And the countdown’s continue! This time it’s with list #3, The ep’s. Now, on a normal year, this would even be a category that I’d do as I don’t get that many of these. As the business model of the music industry continues to change, more and more artists are going to this format. It’s much more cost effective and the band can focus on writing a few really GREAT songs as opposed to a whole record that might not have the same impact.

The criteria for these was anything that was LESS than 8 songs was considered an e.p. and added to this list instead of the other long form lists. So, with that in mind…


The Music God’s Best of 2016: Country, Americana, and Southern Rock Top 20

List #2. This time is the Top 20 for Country, Americana, and Southern Rock. For those that are familiar with my radio show, 6 Ways 2 Sunday, this is the main stuff that I play on the show. List #1 would also be stuff that is included on the show.

It’s been a great year for music, so much, in fact that I had to expand the lists to include everything that was deserving this year. There is lots of stuff here that I want everyone to check out. I consider every artist here to be essential to your record collection.

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The Music God’s Best Of 2016 Blues/Folk/Bluegrass Top 10

For those that are unfamiliar with how I operate, let me break it down real quick. I have 7 total lists that I complete for the different genres that appear on the station. This is the first of those annual lists. This is the BLUES, FOLK, and BLUEGRASS TOP 10. This is the shortest of the lists that will come as I generally don’t get a ton of submissions from these genres as I do in the others.

There are no honorable mentions this year. As usual, I start at 10 and count down to number one. Any comments can be left here or emailed to the stations email at:


Faithsedge Return with Monster New Record

Faithsedge is returning with ‘Restoration’, their third and most melodic release to date. Fronted by mastermind singer / songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, the band returns with a stellar line-up featuring Stryper bass player Tim Gaines, Ace Frehley / Mr .Big drummer Matt Starr and former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso. Both Keys and production have been handled by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline/ Revolution Saints).





(Rat Pak Record)

There are a select few bands that rank so high on my list, I know I have to have their music regardless of who the current members may be. The band Metal Church is one of those artists. When it was announced that singer Mike Howe had rejoined the band after the departure of Ronnie Munroe, I almost shed a tear of happiness. Mike was always my favorite of the vocalists that has been employed by the band. I still consider their record, “The Human Factor”, to be the standard by which I judge a lot of thrash music.