The Big Ass Monster Rockin’ Metal Show 02/01/17: The Mental Health Awareness Special

For this episode, I decided to host a special feature where I chat about Mental Health Awareness. I invited our friend, Odd, to join us where we chat about all things mental, including our own personal issues that we’ve dealt with over the years.

I also include a playlist heavy with songs that deal with the subject.


The Music God’s Best of 2016 Hard Rock Top 30

So, here it is, the FINAL LIST! It’s the granddaddy of them all, The Hard Rock Top 30. I started doing this list almost 7 years ago with a Top 10 and now here we are having expanded!

This list flip flopped a bunch the last week or so, with some late editions coming in that knocked a couple of others off the list. Overall, it was an amazing year for Hard rock and it was extremely hard to choose the final list. There’s still a bunch of other artists that could have easily been here given it being just a bit weaker of a year. I almost could of easily done a Top 50 without much thought.

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The Music God’s Best of 2016 METAL TOP 30

So, here is list #6. Now we’re down the BIG BOYS, The Top 30 Metal and Top 30 Hard Rock. I debated both of these lists tremendously among my friends as there was just so much great stuff released this year. Due to so much great music this year, I actually expanded what would normally be a Top 20 to include 30 releases this time.

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The Music God’s Best of 2016 Modern Rock/Punk Top 20

This is list #5, take TWO! That means there are only two lists remaining: The Hard Rock Top 30 and the Metal Top 30!

This one is the Modern Rock/Punk Top 20. This is essentially all the types of bands that you would hear on Modern Rock radio stations, only with bands that most stations wouldn’t have the balls to play. (Aside from the normal pop punk stuff here)

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